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Spread the Lovely?

Spread the Lovely is a mission to promote self awareness. It's about doing the right thing, helping others and being a good person. It's about spreading kindness and love to those around you. Check out the brand new shirts! They are offered at a minimum donation of $5.38 cents, which is what it cost us to make them. Read more...

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We play shows all over the country and some are intimate house concerts. They're a great time, and the level of connection tends to be beyond compare. We'd love to share our music and experiences with you and your friends in this intimate setting. Read more about A Lovely Night and book us!


We're 100% independent, meaning we work awfully hard to book all of our own shows. We play just about every type of venue you can think of from tiny to massive. If you'd like to book us or simply say hello, please do so by emailing us at

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